Google provides free learning tools for schools across Maharashtra

Maharashtra will be the first Indian state to partner with Google India to deploy its Google for Education technology nationwide, the company announced today.

“To make education accessible to all through online learning, we’re partnering with the Maharashtra State Department of Education to provide free digital tools to over 2.3 million teachers and students across the state through G Suite for Education,” announced Google .

The tech giant will deploy its G Suite for Education and Google Classroom technology to schools across Maharashtra for free, in partnership with the Maharashtra State Department of Education.

“G Suite for Education and Google Classroom make distance learning easier and enable teachers to deliver lessons in synchronous and asynchronous modes and stay connected with their students,” said Bani Paintal Dhawan, Head of Education, India and South Asia, Google India.

The platform also offers teacher training and free resources for distance learning contracts for educators.

“We will also help teachers and parents who are brand new in technology by helping them understand and adapt to these changes on their phones, tablets or laptops. Teach from Home, an information center launched by Google, is also available in Marathi to help educators find the most up-to-date and relevant information about technologies that can be used for learning, ”added Dhawan.

Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad said the partnership would help the education department roll out the technology to over 1.9 lakh schools for 22.3 million students. You can deliver specific content in Marathi developed by NCERT Maharashtra.

She added that the education department had received positive feedback from educators across the state.

“When we were floating and had an invitation link for Google classroom training, we received almost 1.34 Lakhs feature applications within 48 hours,” she said.

Blended learning

The Covid 19 pandemic has significantly disrupted education in India and abroad. However, according to Uddhav Thackeray, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, this has also opened up new opportunities to rethink the future of education. However, technology cannot replace real classrooms, according to Maharashtra Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar.

“It has taken us from the present to the future. We all had questions about the future of education. Because of the pandemic, we have come one step closer to answering these questions, ”said Thackeray.

“I also believe that after the pandemic ends, schools will continue to function as before, students and teachers will be back in the classrooms, and the process of teaching and learning will return to its place,” said Pawar.

The assessments have been confirmed by Google executives, who said this move could be an initial solution to the disruption caused by the pandemic. Technology is likely to accelerate a blended learning method in schools in India.

“We know that technology alone cannot improve or improve education in our country. However, we are optimistic that this can be an integral part of the solution, ”said Sanjay Gupta, Country Manager and Vice President Sales and Operations at Google India.

“I envision a blended learning environment in which students combine face-to-face learning with an online learning environment that delivers content both synchronously and asynchronously on their phones, tablets and laptops,” said Gaikwad.


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