Google presents research institute for research into human-AI interaction
SAN FRANCISCO: Google has announced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) institute that will work on the interaction between humans and AI – such as language, written language, image and gestures – and how to make those interactions more effective.

The National AI Research Institute for Human-AI Interaction and Collaboration was founded in collaboration with the US National Science Foundation (NSF).

Google will provide $ 5 million to support the institute.

“We will also provide AI expertise, research collaborations and cloud support for researchers and educators at the institute as they improve knowledge and advances in the field of AI,” the tech giant said in a statement on Wednesday.

The institute’s research, tools, and techniques are developed with human-centered principles in mind: social benefit, integrative design, security and robustness, data protection, and high standards of scientific excellence in line with Google AI principles.

Google said research projects will involve a wide variety of experts, train the next generation and advance workforce development, as well as expand the participation of under-represented groups and institutions across the country.

All research is published to advance knowledge and advancement in the field.

Google has worked in this area for the past few years.

Studies have shown that people and AI systems working together can make smarter decisions than acting alone.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen the increasing use of AI to aid people and their decision-making in sectors like medicine, education, transportation and agriculture,” Google said.

“Humans and AI systems shape each other. In order to exploit the full potential of AI for social benefit, positive and productive interaction and cooperation between humans and AI is of crucial importance.”


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