GoLearn, India's first ELTL (English Language Teaching and Learning) platform with artificial intelligence, has been launched

According to the United Nations, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the largest disruption to the education system in history, affecting nearly 1.6 billion learners in more than 190 countries on every continent. The closure of schools and other study spaces has affected 94% of the world’s student population and up to 99% in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

There is a worldwide shortage of qualified English teachers with a growing demand for English and an ever-increasing class size, leading UNESCO to declare a “global learning crisis”.

To fill this gap Go ‘study, India’s first ELTL (English Language Teaching & Learning) platform with artificial intelligence was recently launched and is in line with the IGCSE, IB, CBSE, ICSE and State Board curricula, CEFR and PISA standards, and India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Junaid Ahmed, World Bank Country Director, India Affirms, “India, which is choosing to benchmark PISA, which measures learning outcomes rather than red scores, is signaling that India is changing its educational systems to adapt to the future. It’s a massive signal. ”

GoLearn’s platform works with advanced artificial intelligence and proven pedagogies (metacognition and self-regulation, constructivism) and is underpinned by the taxonomies of Bloom and SOLO to ensure high quality and quality competency-based education is accessible and accessible to every student in India.

GoLearn is committed to improving the way education is delivered to improve equality of opportunity. The aim is to improve child-to-child learning outcomes in each classroom to ensure that all children have the necessary reading and writing skills to be able to read and write and communicate their path to greater wellbeing. GoLearn empowers teachers with technology. It offers them a range of new tools to empower and help each individual student improve their performance, confidence, wellbeing, and opportunities both in school and after graduation.

GoLearn works with schools around the world to help teachers deliver a world-class, competency-based and personalized educational program to meet today’s educational challenges. Teachers are supported with lessons assigned to their school’s curriculum, providing detailed, deep-level data to create a Tailored Learning Plan (CLP) for each child to maximize their full potential at their own pace.



  1. GoLearn uses Seamless Assessments to provide a basis for student learning levels.
  2. Teachers can then use the assessment data to identify learning gaps in real time and improve student outcomes immediately
  3. The GoLearn system provides each student with a bespoke learning plan that teachers can use to develop positive interventions / remedies both in the classroom and in a remote learning environment.

GoLearn officially launched its ELTL (English Language Teaching & Learning) platform on the renowned platform on September 3, 2020 Methodist High School, Kanpur in a socially distant gathering. There were distinguished Methodist High School educators and teachers and keynote speakers from London to lead the trial, including GoLearn Founders and Chairman Alex Mirza and Amreesh Chandra Founder Project Extracurricular Children & Trustees St. Pauls School, Gorakhpur.


“Literacy and language skills, as well as the ability to communicate, are central to an individual’s physical and emotional needs and play an important role in determining their potential for long-term prosperity. Empowering a young learner at a deep level with literacy means giving them the fundamental opportunity to be successful and contribute to themselves and their communities – this shouldn’t be a luxury, ”he said. Alex Mirza, Founder / Chairman of GoLearn.

“We at St. Paul’s SchoolGorakhpur is excited to partner with GoLearn as its AI-based ELTL (English Language Teaching & Learning) platform helps prepare global citizens for the future. GoLearn enables teachers to create personalized learning plans, enables children to understand the concept rather than relying on memorization, and its extremely insightful analysis ensures schools can deliver targeted learning outcomes. We are also interested in including this in our curriculum Online World School This offers live and interactive online training up to eighth grade. “Said Amreesh Chandra, founder project for after-school children and trustee of St. Paul’s School in Gorakhpur.

Schools that implement GoLearn’s cost-effective, high-impact solutions for their teachers and students benefit from:

  • Accurate and stress-free student assessments
  • Clearly presented granular data to identify student learning gaps
  • Personalized lessons help manage and reduce teacher workload
  • Home / distance learning functions for continuity in teaching and learning
  • Quality classroom content developed by English language and literacy experts
  • Helps schools to evaluate and improve their teaching and learning standards themselves
  • Improved student performance, behavior and results

GoLearn India has partnered with Clara EdTech to connect, engage and get on board schools in India. GoLearn is currently offering a limited time opening offer for all schools in India to address and exceed their educational challenges and improve learning outcomes.

Go ‘study. Strengthening children through literacy:

For a product demo and more information, contact Team Clara at + 91-98102-15549 or E-Mail clara.partner@golearn.guru or visit https://www.golearn.guru/India

Disclaimer: Content created by GoLearn


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