For the first time in Madhya Pradesh the courses that will make your dream career come true. For the first time in Madhya Bharat, the courses that will make your dream career come true

🔥 For the first time in Madhya Pradesh the courses that will make your dream career come true. For the first time in Madhya Bharat, the courses that will make your dream career come true


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  • For the first time in Madhya Pradesh the courses that will make your dream career come true

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SAM GLOBAL UNIVERSITY WITH A GLORIOUS FUTURE WITH NEW COURSES WITH A GLORIOUS HERITAGE AND TECHNOLOGICAL EXPANSION SAM GLOBAL UNIVERSITY, AS AN INSTITUTE, HAS ALWAYS PREVENTED ITSELF FROM CREATING NEW DIMENSIONS AND ESTABLISHING A BETTER FUTURE. Building a career in new disciplines along with faith and academic salvation has become a trend in this day and age. Sam Global University has always been recognized as a premier institute for new academic invention. Sam Global University brings technical skills and knowledge step by step, new courses according to development and demand in each field.

The list of recently launched new courses from Sam Global University is as follows:

B.Sc (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) – The aim of this course is to make all students technically strong and to turn them into AI. And was developed to understand systems based on machine learning. The duration of this course is 3 years. This course helps create the fastest working applications and solutions to problems, and provides analytical information and skills development.

B.Sc. (Data Science) – Data science can be defined as a mix of math, business acumen, tools, algorithms, and machine learning techniques that help us discover hidden insights or patterns from RAW data that build a big business can mainly be used. This course develops your progress, skills, and knowledge of data science. This course is 3 years old.

BBA (Data Analytics & Data Visualization) – This course is designed to understand and analyze all tools such as data, methodology, technology, business case study, powerful dashboard, visualization, etc. The duration of this course is 3 years.

BBA (Business Intelligence & Analytics) – This course has been prepared for the knowledge and analysis of data methodology, technology, powerful dashboard and visualization. Underneath, you can learn advanced versions of data visualization tools like Excel, Power Map, Power BI, business intelligence software, etc. The duration of this course is 3 years.

BCA (Big Data Intelligence and Optimization) – Big data analytics has become so popular in recent years. Data science converts large amounts of raw data to provide meaningful insights and strategies. It is simplified by analyzing structured and unstructured data. Today, data science has proven to be the most popular and effective in the retail, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, and IT services industries. This course lasts 3 years.

B.Com (Banking & Finance) – This course is designed to understand and learn about banking and trading information, work utility and analytical knowledge, the duration of which is 3 years. Students gravitating towards commerce and banking can make their dreams come true with this course.

BCA (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) – The aim of this course is to provide the most basic knowledge of understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI), basic problem-solving logic, representing knowledge, etc. The duration of this course is 3 years.

B. B. s. C (Clinical Research and Healthcare)– The BSC Clinical Research and Health Management program is India’s first and by far the most challenging course. It is a 3 year full time course specializing in management knowledge, healthcare and clinical research.

Bb A (logistics and supply chain management) – This course is able to study the full range of supply chain management including procurement, inventory control, supplier development, customer service, logistics and sales. This course is constantly updated to meet today’s rapidly changing and complex economy. The duration of this program is 3 years.

B.Sc (Nutrition and Wellness) – This course provides information about food science and nutrition, studies and how to properly diet for patients. This course lasts 3 years.

BA (Psychology) – This course provides a basic understanding of how to study human behavior. This course has been in demand for 15 years and attracts trendy people from the arts, psychology, and teaching fields. The curriculum offers wide career opportunities not only in India but also abroad, and the course has been highly valued by overseas universities as well.

M.Sc. (Clinical research) – A mixture of management modules and soft skills as well as courses on clinical research, clinical data management, medical writing and pharmacovigilance make the course increasingly a career ladder. This course works to develop students through field research and academics. The duration of this course is 2 years.

MBA (Health and Hospital Management) – The MBA in Healthcare Management is a two-year full-time course. This course provides information on management science, specializing in healthcare issues, etc.

MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) – The MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive course that provides the specialist knowledge required to effectively manage a logistics operation. This course is designed to meet the high demand for trained personnel in the industry. The duration of this course is 2 years.

Master in Public Health – This course educates the public health administration about various health policies, their role and implementation in a hospital or organization. It also includes studying financial management, program planning, human resources, operational research, economics, and monitoring. The structure and management of public health organizations and the policies and reimbursement set out in health programs count as public health policies. The duration of this course is 2 years.

You can study these new courses at Sam Global University and identify yourself and your country with a new definition of development in India and abroad.

Why should you choose Sam Global University?

Sam Global University’s curriculum encompasses a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including lectures and seminars, workshops and other open learning approaches, case studies, guided learning, visiting and visiting speakers, problem-solving sessions, and student presentations.

Sam Global University conducts extensive skills enhancement, high quality teaching for courses, and a strong commitment to research to improve the capacity of students with deep knowledge and innovative approaches.

As one of the leading institutes of Madhya Bharat, the study is available on the university campus with the latest facilities. The complex has various sports facilities such as basketball, badminton, tennis and cricket courts.

The cafeteria also provides hygienic nutrients for children.

Library: The university has a collection of over 60,000 books that are fully digital for students and staff and available as a fully automated library.

Internet / Wi-Fi: 24 * 7 WiFi-enabled campus: The campus has a seamless Wi-Fi network.

High school: A well-equipped gym with the latest equipment and equipment is also available to students and faculty members.

Hostel facility: Hostel for girls and boys.

Today is the right time, your dream career is just a shot away. Take new and traditional courses at Sam Global University today. To help make your dreams come true, Sam Global University offers you 100% scholarships for existing courses and up to 40% scholarships for new courses. So hurry to get to Sam Global University today.

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