Fastest human computer: 21-year-old Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash receives the title "The fastest human computer in the world"
HYDERABAD: 20-year-old Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash from Hyderabad has emerged as the fastest human calculator in the world after recently winning the first gold for India at the Mental Calculation World Championship at the Mental Calculation World Championship (MSO) in London.

A student of mathematics (Hons.) At St. Stephen College, Delhi University, holds world records and 50 Limca records as the world’s fastest human calculator.

“I hold 4 world records and 50 Limca records because I’m the fastest human calculator in the world. My brain calculates faster than the speed of a calculator. It’s one thing to break those records, once set by math masters like Scott Flansburg and Shakuntala Devi have been doing my part in bringing India to the global level of math, “Bhanu Prakash told ANI.

“I won a gold medal for India at MSO London 2020 on August 15th. This is the first time India has won a gold medal. The MSO is the most prestigious international competition for mental games and mind sports held every year in London . This is equivalent to any other Olympic event in the field of physical sport, “he added.

MSO was held virtually with 30 participants up to 57 years old from 13 countries including the UK, Germany, United Arab Emirates, France, Greece and Lebanon. The MSO was first held in 1998.

Bhanu Prakash was 65 points ahead of a Lebanese competitor and one from the United Arab Emirates, who finished third.

“I won the gold medal by a clear margin of 65 points against 29 participants up to 57 years of age from 13 countries. The judges were so fascinated by my speed that I had to do more calculations to confirm my accuracy,” he said.

Bhanu Prakash said his vision is to create “VISION Math” labs and reach millions of children so that they can start loving math.

“My vision is to create math labs to reach millions of children, below what I call, to start loving math and arithmetic. Three out of four students studying in government schools in India have Problems understanding basic math. The phobia caused by math and demotivation is the second leading cause of children dropping out of rural schools in India, “he said.

“In order for a country to develop and prosper globally, arithmetic is as important a skill as reading and writing. Among the goals listed by the government, there are many programs that focus on increasing literacy, but currently there are none significant program or vision in increasing the math and numeracy skills that can move us forward in the global race. Our visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take the lead if I want to initiate and advance “VISION MATH” of India. A robust plan like this one will push India on the world map of excellence and bring back the ancient Indian Math Glory, “he added.

Srinivas Jonnalgadda, father of Bhanu Prakash, said his son had become proud of India and had a vision to eradicate the math phobia.

“Bhanu proved to be the pride of India as he became the first Indian to win a gold medal in the Mind Sports Olympics. He holds four world records as the fastest human calculator in the world and breaks records once held by the most highly regarded mathematicians. At the age of 20, he not only stands with a number of awards but also with a vision and mission to eradicate the math phobia that is widespread across the country, “he said.

“The Olympic gold medal win in Mental Math and Mind Sports should be recognized by the central government as it has earned the country laurels as great as gold medals in physical sports like boxing or badminton. We believe it is time to do so to do.” Math education is driven by a solid partnership with AdFoundation to provide disadvantaged children with the best math education that will put India on the world map of excellence and give math the ancient Indian math glory, “he added.

Srinivas Jonnalgadda went on to say that Bhanu Prakash wants to popularize brain training and arithmetic training among children to inspire them to learn math, practice it as a mental sport, and bring back more gold medals in the coming days.

“Bhanu Prakash wants to convey a sense of joy when children learn math and all of his work is aimed at making it a reality,” he said.


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