"Failure is a derogatory term and has a lasting effect on the mind."
The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) recently removed the terms “fail” and “compartment” from the trademark sheet. They replaced the two words with “essential repetition”, which means that the student has to appear again for a certain exam. We speak to school authorities, students, and psychologists to see how the word failure has affected students over the years.

“We fail several times in our lives, but it is not the end.”

“Failure is a very derogatory term that has a lasting impact on the mind of the student. As in western countries, we should use the rating system instead of grades. In fact, all people fail in their lives with some people, but that’s not it The end of the path that should also be taught to students. This step to remove the terms will fail and the compartment will hopefully be the beginning of the same, “said Surender Sachdeva, director of DPS Bopal.

“Using Fail publicly is psychologically demoralizing”

Dr. Prashant Bhimani, a psychologist, believes that the use of words like “failure” is psychologically demoralizing. “We have to understand that these are personal successes. In the same way it is personal to get a low score, and the student should be told personally that he has scored fewer points and for a particular subject instead of a big F again should show up. ” ‘on the brand sheet.

“When you get rid of Fail, students get more confidence.”

“The word” fail “makes students feel traumatized, and I have seen in many cases that it is difficult for students to refuse to focus or attend classes because they fear that they will making fun of something. Getting rid of the word will give students more confidence and not make them a ridicule, “said Darshini Shah, a former CBSE student.

Another student from CBSE Aashvi Shah says: “It’s a good move considering that a large number of students have reached 90% or more in the past decade. Those who only pass pass say that round 40% will look down in some way. ” I think removing the failure and subdivision will give the students some leeway in the long run. ”


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