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🔥 Fact Check: Will Schools Open Across The Country After Infecting 97,000 Students In 2021? That claim was dismissed in the investigation Will schools open with 97,000 students in 2021 after the corona is infected? This claim was rejected in the investigation


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  • Fact Check: After Infecting 97,000 Students Across The Country, Will Schools Open In 2021? This claim was rejected in the investigation

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What is viral: On social media claim It is being done that 97,000 college students across the country have been infected with covid-19. With that in mind, the Central Education Department has decided that the schools won’t open until 2021. A screenshot is also shared showing the news channel’s news along with the viral news.

And what is the truth?

  • First, we verified the claims of 97,000 college students infected with covid-19. Some media to search for other words on google report Came Out Which shows the fact that 97,000 college students are infected with corona is true. However, this matter does not concern India but the United States.
  • The viral message claimed that the data of 97,000 students infected with corona was released by the central education department. MHRD official website But we didn’t get such an update. Even Ministry of Health of the Union In addition, no separate data on the number of infected students was published.
  • Now we come to the claim that the school will open from 2021. The Ministry of the Interior unlocked 4 on August 29 Directive Have been issued. According to this guideline, children can go to school from September 9th to 12th from September 21st to 9th at their own request for advice from the teachers.
  • According to the September 21 report on Dainik Bhaskar’s website, the Union Ministry of Health has issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to begin studies in part from 9th to 12th and by the Higher Education, Training Institute.
  • We did not find such a news bulletin even though we searched for various word searches on YouTube. The screenshot of it will be shared on social media. Most obviously, the claim not to open a school in 2020 is wrong.



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