Facebook launches new Facebook Campus area for students
CALIFORNIA: Social media giant Facebook announced a new section of the website called Facebook Campus, specifically dedicated to students.

According to the announcement, Facebook Campus will use new profiles different from those users already have on the main platform, Mashable reported. To create a campus profile, students must provide their college email address and senior year. The Facebook Campus will be accessible as a tabbed feature on the main platform, just like Facebook Watch.

The new feature shows a college-only news feed that is specific to each student’s school. Students can only create events and groups on campus that only people in their school can access. A real-time chat room feature called Campus Chats will also be available on the platform.

According to Mashable, the campus directory is a standout feature, especially in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. The directory enables students to search for classmates based on their major, senior year, enrolled classes, and more.

The feature is now being rolled out in 30 schools in the United States.


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