Excluding topics from the CBSE curriculum a one-time measure: HRD minister

The Ministry of Personnel Development (HRD) announced on Thursday that some subjects were excluded from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum only once due to a Covid-19 pandemic.

“As CBSE has made clear, schools have been advised to adhere to the National Academic Education Research and Training Council’s alternate academic calendar and all of the above issues have been dealt with under the same academic calendar. Due to the pandemic, the exclusions are only a one-off measure for audits, ”said Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Minister of Human Resources Development.

The only goal is to reduce student stress by reducing the curriculum by 30 percent. This exercise was carried out according to the advice and recommendations of various experts and took into account the suggestions that educators had received as part of our Campaign 2020 curriculum, he added.

The HRD Ministry announced on Tuesday that it would rationalize the CBSE curriculum for the 2020-21 academic year by up to 30 percent.

“While it is easy to misinterpret the exclusion of three to four topics such as nationalism, local government, federalism, and create a compiled narrative, a broader look at various topics will show that this exclusion is cross-topic,” said Pokhriyal.

To give a few examples: The topics excluded in economics are measures of dispersion, balance of payments, the topics excluded in physics include heat engines and refrigerators. In biology, parts of mineral nutrition, digestion and absorption have been excluded, he added.

“It is our humble request that education is our sacred duty to our children. Let’s leave politics out of education and make our policies more educated, ”said Pokhriyal.

The final decision to organize JEE Main and NEET will be made on June 25th. The decision will be made after review of the conditions. The final decision on the organization of JEE Main and NEET will be made on June 25th. The decision will be made after checking the conditions

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