Environmental science and technology in GATE 2021 to help students find careers in research
GATE 2021 has two new additions from this year. With the entry of environmental and engineering sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences, the scope for students in these two areas has expanded. In a post-COVID world where issues of sustainability and the environment are becoming increasingly important, environmental engineers and scientists urgently need to work together. The upcoming GATE 2021 can help students take a step in this direction if they are pursuing research careers at Master’s and PhD level.

Deepankar Choudhury, chair of the organization and chair of the GATE 2021, IIT-Bombay, agrees: “The environment is one of the main areas in which researchers are in high demand both in India and worldwide. The recent inclusion of environmental science and technology will improve the career prospects of those students who specialize in the subject in their BTech programs. In the past, such students were forced to appear for a paper on civil engineering / chemical engineering / chemistry / life sciences that clearly discriminated against them. This would also expand their application area in the power supplies, in which specialists and researchers were selected for such areas from the fields of construction and chemical engineering. ”

Suparna Mukherji, head of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at IIT Bombay, takes a similar view. “In the past, students from BE / BTech Environmental Engineering and MSc Environmental Science had to do a lot of additional learning on topics that were foreign to them. Many did not qualify for GATE, nor were their results competitive. It also reduced their chances of securing a place in MTech and Phd programs in the IITs and IISc associated with teaching assistants. But now their chances are likely to improve. ”

However, the decision to take up the paper was not an overnight process. “Since the Supreme Court mandates that at least one course in environmental science be taught across institutions, IIT students are required to take a course in environmental studies at both BTech and MTech levels. This meant that the topic had to be included as a separate paper in GATE 2021. A signature campaign by a large group of BTech students who practice environmental science and technology from across the country furthered the matter, ”said Choudhury.

Questions for the exam, he says, will be drawn from the full range of the BTech curriculum in this area and uploaded to the official GATE website by mid-August.

While BTech / BSc students can take the exam for the third year in the exam, their score is valid for three years if they want to use it for future prospects. “In contrast to JEE Main / NEET, GATE exams have no age limit and can be taken as often as the students think is right. There are currently over 150 seats for MTech programs in all institutes, including the IITs. The latest move will help students try more specifically to get admission to these programs once they qualify, ”Choudhury concludes.


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