Ed-Tech start-up Coding Ninjas offers coding and programming courses for students

🔥 Ed-Tech start-up Coding Ninjas offers coding and programming courses for students


Ed-Tech start-up Coding Ninjas has introduced coding and programming courses for students from the K12 segment of Ninjas Junior.

The new program offers courses for 3rd to 8th grade students (ages 6-14). The courses are designed to help improve students’ basic analytical skills and improve their cognitive skills.

“The courses will help students explore different areas such as app development, game development, machine learning, and website design,” the company said.

The platform offers one-to-one lessons for students. You will move from block-based programming to text-based programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and Python step by step.

Students will work on exciting projects that include games and puzzles such as basketball, Tower Of Hanoi, table tennis, fruit ninjas, chatbots, alarm clocks and car races

You will learn to develop “real mobile games with the necessary functions such as rating, timing, multiplayer, etc.”. You will also learn how to publish an app on the Android Play Store.

Ankush Singla, co-founder of Coding Ninjas, said: “In addition to programming, our courses will also help students improve their school exam performance. The projects aim to tackle problems that students have in their math and science curriculum in a practical, programming-oriented manner. “

Interested students can apply for the courses or sign up for a trial lesson on the Coding Ninjas Junior website.


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