Ed tech company uFony collects donations from The Chennai Angels

uFony Services Pvt Ltd, the Pune-based ed tech company, has raised funds from The Chennai Angels and other independent investors for School Diary, an interactive platform that brings smartphones to education.

The funding amount was not announced.

The school diary is aimed at K12 schools and helps them to engage students and conduct classes virtually without compromising their privacy. It’s an integrated virtual classroom with online tuition, virtual PTMs, instant academic and non-academic updates, and even an online shop where parents can buy school products.

The platform also has an administrator interface for collecting online payments, automating accounting, managing transportation, tracking live buses, monitoring driver / employee behavior, managing payrolls, inventory and accounts, and more more, it says in a press release from The Chennai Angels and uFony.

uFony offers SAAS solutions for over 1,000 educational institutions, including colleges, schools, coaching, preschools and daycare centers in more than ten countries. Post-Covid, uFony aims to change traditional teaching methods and make them more compatible for the future, the publication added.

Chandran Krishnan, CEO of The Chennai Angels, said platforms like School Diary have paved the way for advanced, accessible, and above all, entertaining education. Students seem to enjoy the idea of ​​online teaching, a trend that could become essential in the near future.


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