DUTA protests against the release of grants at universities
NEW DELHI: The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) formed a human chain on Friday to protest the alleged “inadequate and late” grant payments to 12 college colleges funded by the AAP-led government.

The DUTA members who gathered a Mandi house area in central Delhi stated that the staff at these colleges have not received any salary in the past four months.

Rajesh Jha, assistant professor at Rajdhani College, said: “The employees have not been paid for four months. Everyone is suffering. The colleges have no funds to pay electricity and telephone bills. We are asking the Delhi government to release funds like this as soon as possible.”

Delhi University and the AAP dispensation are embroiled in a dispute over the formation of governing bodies in 28 colleges that are wholly or partially funded by the city government.

DUTA President Rajib Ray said enough was enough and the salary had to come.

“In the past four months, Delhi University’s 12 colleges, which are funded by the city government, have not provided these colleges with adequate funding. So today we protest that enough is enough. The salaries must come to all twelve colleges.” he said.

The protesters held placards with several messages, including asking for salaries and grants to be released. The posters also said that more than 2,400 employees had been without a salary in the past four months.

Archana of Ambedkar College said, “No salary for more than four months. This is just not expected. Why are we being harassed? All teachers and non-teaching staff suffer. Students will suffer too,” she said.

Around 50 teachers from different universities took part in the human chain. Police and paramilitary forces were present on site. The protest lasted about half an hour.

“We are concerned for our health, but we were helpless and had to come here to protest. People are suffering from not getting their salaries. They have multiple expenses, including installments and school fees for children. I urge the government to reduce the salary of employees to release as soon as possible, “said Devesh Birwal, assistant professor at Satyawati College.

“During this pandemic, all teachers are advancing the semesters without a break. Then why aren’t they getting paid for their job? The teachers are doing their job and we want the government to release the fund as soon as possible,” he said executive member Amit Singh the DUTA and Assistant Professor at Shyam Cal College.


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