DU Cut-Off: St. Stephen's College's first cut-off list was published for undergraduate courses
NEW DELHI: St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi published its first cut-off list for undergraduate courses on Tuesday. The highest cut-off is announced for students with a business background at 99.25 percent for BA (Hons) Economics. This year’s limit values ​​are higher than last year. In 2019, the limit for BA (Hons) English and BA (Hons) Economics for students with a business background was 98.75 percent.

The limit for BA (Hons) Economics is 99.25 percent for commercial students, 98.75 percent for humanities and 98 percent for science students.

The limit for BA English (Hons) is 99 percent for commercial students and 98.75 percent for natural sciences and humanities students. This year’s cut-off for the course is 0.25 percent higher for business and science students.

Last year the college set the limit for BA (Hons) English at 98.75 percent for business students, 98.25 percent for humanities graduates, and 98.75 percent for science students.

The cut-off for BA History (Hons) is 99 percent for commercial and science students and 98.25 percent for humanities graduates.

The limit for the BA (Hons) philosophy is 98 percent for commerce, 98.75 percent for the humanities, and 97 percent for science students.

The limit for BSc Physics (Hons) is 97.66 percent, while the limit for BSc Chemistry (Hons) is 96.67 percent.

Last year, the limits for BSc Physics (Hons) and BSc Chemistry (Hons) were 96.66 percent and 96.33 percent, respectively.

The threshold for BSc (Hons) Mathematics is 98 percent for business and science students and 96.5 percent for humanities students.

In economics, the college has hired a driver, which applicants need to get at least 95 percent in math to secure a seat.

Those under the Delhi Diocese (CNID) of the Church of North India and the Church of North India (CNI) must have 70 percent of the subject, while SC, ST, and general applicants require 95 percent of the subject.

For applicants with English honors, students must have achieved 90 percent in the English core or 85 percent in the English elective.

For the BA program, the limit for students with a commercial and scientific background is 99 percent, for students of the humanities it is 98 percent.


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