DU cut-off news: DU cut-offs are likely to be higher this year: officials
NEW DELHI: With St. Stephen’s College setting the highest limit for BA (Hons) Economics at 99.25 percent, Delhi University officials said Wednesday that the limits will be higher than last year as a large number of Students above achieved 95 percent in CBSE grade 12 exams this year. The university received a maximum of 2.85,128 applications from CBSE board students.

St. Stephen’s College published its first cut-off list for undergraduate programs on Tuesday evening. The highest cut-off was announced for students with a business background at 99.25 percent for BA (Hons) Economics.

This year’s limit values ​​are higher than last year. In 2019, the limit for BA (Hons) English and BA (Hons) Economics for students with a business background was 98.75 percent.

The limit for BA (Hons) Economics is 99.25 percent for commercial students, 98.75 percent for humanities and 98 percent for science students.

The limit for BA English (Hons) is 99 percent for commercial students and 98.75 percent for natural sciences and humanities students.

This year’s cut-off for the course is 0.25 percent higher for business and science students.

The experts said that St. Stephen’s College’s high limits set a precedent for other colleges, indicating that the limits will be on the higher side.

Shobha Bagai, Dean (Admissions), DU said, “The cut-offs are expected to be announced after October 12th. We have sent the schedule to the administration. The administration is waiting for the UGC calendar. We should hopefully get the schedule.” announce for cut-offs this week. ”

When asked about the likelihood of the limits being higher, she said the university would not increase the limits arbitrarily.

The official said the limits are set by the number of applicants who fall within a particular bracket.

Hindu College Director Anju Srivastava said, “St. Stephen’s has a lot of drivers and restrictions, but other colleges don’t. If St. Stephen’s, which is also an interview component of admissions, has kept the limits high, I have I don’t see why we won’t do anything like that. ”

Explaining the process, Srivastava said that the limits for St. Stephen are indicative of other universities and that the limits are not likely to be lower.

“We can’t have drivers like St. Stephen’s. The university wants to keep it simple. The number of scorers is high and to limit admissions we have to keep the limits high,” she added.

Manoj Khanna, the director of Ramjas College, shared similar views, saying, “We need to get closer. The limits will be higher on the first and second lists than they were last year. There is also a lot of unpredictability. We can’t have surrenders , considering that we also have to keep social distance. Where are we going to get the students to sit when there are additional admissions? So the limits have to be higher. ”


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