DU college students, teachers band together to help those who cannot access books and the internet
NEW DELHI: To ensure that studies are not compromised by a lack of books, a group of students and teachers from the Rajdhani College of Delhi University has started a “Books Without Borders” program. The group will send the necessary books and study materials to the students who come from the fringes of society and stay across the country.

The initiative was taken by a student group called “Yuva” as part of the “Utthan” project.

“While in the current pandemic situation we think twice before stepping out of our homes, the issue of student unavailability of study materials is an issue to be concerned about. After YOU published your semester calendar, we decided to prepare for the December exams. However, there are students who do not have enough money to buy reading materials or to commute to another location to buy books, “the group said in a statement.

Anand Prakash, assistant professor of chemistry and Yuva organizer, said the idea came to them when many students told him and other teachers that they could not access books and the Internet for online courses.

“We have students from villages in states like UP, Rajasthan etc. who come here to study. For some students, there is only one smartphone at home. That’s why we decided to help the students who come from financially weaker areas. We have already spoken to teachers to provide us with a range of reading materials and books from the library that the students will need. We will have them photocopied and sent to the students at their address, ”he added.

“The whole process is online and class representatives have been asked to identify the students in need.”

The college also supports the initiative.

Prakash said, “As part of the fee component, we take money for festivals and events as part of the curriculum. But since this is not the case, we can use this money to photocopy and send the books and study materials. ”

In just three days, over 35 students requested books.

“Students just have to fill out a form and tell us their name, address and requirements. We will send them the books and study materials they need, ”added the group leader.


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