Delhi High Court.

The Delhi Supreme Court tried on Friday to know the readiness of Common Service (CSE) centers set up to provide services to students who lack the infrastructure to perform Open Book Examinations (OBE) that conducted by Delhi University for courses last year.

The Supreme Court asked the owner of the CSE Academy to appear in front of him on July 27 and to inform them about the willingness of the centers for both sham and main exams.

The CSE Academy was commissioned by the Ministry of Electronics and Technology and has an agreement with Delhi University. Judge Prathiba M Singh, who held the videoconference procedure, also asked the academy owner to provide a list of the centers that Delhi University had taken on board for the final exams.

The lawyer from the University of Delhi was also asked to seek instructions if another organization is also engaged to conduct exams.

In addition to the CSE Academy, the university conducts exams internally.

The Supreme Court heard a plea against the University of Delhi’s decision to hold OBE last year in accordance with the UGC guidelines for undergraduate courses that are being conducted in long-form exams.

During the hearing, Prosecutor General Tushar Mehta, who represented the University Grants Commission (UGC), informed the Supreme Court that various petitions that question the UGC guidelines for final university exams are being submitted to the Supreme Court on Thursday were expected to be listed again on July 27th.

The judicial officer urged those petitions to be heard after the hearing at the Apex Court.

The Supreme Court said, “However, the hearing on this matter should be postponed. List on July 30th. ”She also read the UGC Committee report, led by Professor R C Kuhad, on the final guidelines.

On July 22, the Supreme Court asked the UGC to clarify that university final exams could be based on multiple-choice questions (MCQ), open decisions, assignments, and presentations instead of long-form exams.

The University of Delhi had claimed to be holding online exams because the UGC guidelines require exams to be held for the final year.

DU is expected to hold the online OBE for students last year from August 10-31. Students who are excluded from the online exams are given the opportunity to take physical exams scheduled to take place sometime in September. It was also decided that the first phase of the mock tests would start on July 27th and the second phase on August 1st.


Final exams should be online at Delhi Technological University, exam schedule not yet released The final exams are conducted online at the Delhi Technological University, the exam schedule has not yet been published

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