Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia

Delhi Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday emphasized an educational framework based on developing a healthy mindset, skills and readiness for the next phase of learning.

Sisodia emphasized this point at the second joint review meeting of the committees preparing the program and framework for the Delhi Education Board and the new curriculum.

“We have to put in place a framework based on willingness to adopt attitudes and skills for the next phase of learning. However, if we only focus on the ready part and leave the attitude and skills behind, the purpose of education will be half fulfilled, ”he said.

He said that having a healthy attitude towards everything in life is important and that our educational system should build the mindset to dream big, to be true, to be honest and happy and, among other things, to think critically. “

He said, “Learning skills in school are becoming extremely important in preparing students to live their lives happily and responsibly. Skills like listening, asking, doing, expressing are necessary. “

The Deputy Prime Minister said that according to the NCF (2005), math should help students think logically, but the reality is that a math class is mostly about learning formulas and solving equations.

“There is currently a misalignment between the learning process and the learning outcomes. We need to determine what a 6-, 8-, 11-, and 14-year-old child should have in terms of attitude, skills, and readiness for the next level. At each stage there should be a minimum level of learning outcomes that our education system should aim at. “, He said.

During the meeting, the Board Committee also set its “focus on holistic development and continuous evaluation”.

During the meeting, Sisodia also emphasized that once the plan comes into effect, SCERT Delhi will focus on preparing the content and fully training teachers under the guidance of these two committees

After the committee members shared the progress report of their work along with the tentative schedules, Sisodia asked them to stick to the schedules so that a new curriculum for children 14 and under could be introduced by the next school year.

According to a communication from the Deputy Prime Minister of Delhi, the Delhi government announced its plans for curriculum reform and the creation of a new education committee for Delhi in the 2020-21 annual budget.

“The committees are made up of excellent education experts from government agencies and education-based organizations from different parts of the country,” the press release said.


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