Delhi High Court.(HT file )

The Delhi Supreme Court issued an exhibition notice to the school principal and head of a private school in the state capital because he prohibited two students from attending online courses for non-payment of fees.

A single judge bank from Justice Pratibha M Singh, who heard a petition for contempt from the father of two students at the school on Friday, issued an exhibition notice and instructed the headmaster and chairperson to attend the video conference hearing August 7.

After hearing the petitioner’s lawyer’s detailed submission, the bank also asked why contempt for the school should not be instituted for failure to comply with the court order.

The father of the two students explained in his contempt that he should not even deposit the fee online, since the petitioner’s access to the school portal was blocked from April 2020 to June 2020 due to non-payment of the fee.

The petitioner’s lawyer claimed that the examinations had actually started and the petitioner was also prevented from taking these exams. The High Court considered that the school should have followed the order immediately.

In particular, the Delhi Supreme Court, in its earlier order, had instructed the school to give the petitioner immediate access to the school portal so that students could take online courses.

“The petitioner has to pay the fee to the school within a week. During this entire period, the petitioner is not allowed to access online courses. The petitioner is allowed to participate in all school activities that are carried out in virtual / online classes without being hindered, ”the previous order said.

The court also ruled that “children’s careers are paramount,” and ordered the school to inform the petitioner how much fee is currently payable within a week.


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