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Given concerns about running JEE and NEET exams in September despite the pandemic, IIT Kharagpur Director Virendra Kumar Tewari said that conducting these exams is vital given admission to leading institutes such as IITs and leading medical Universities otherwise will not be possible.

Tewari urged students to put their trust in the organizing bodies, which have worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment to conduct the exams in the current situation. In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Tewari said, “The necessary facilities have been put in place for the students to ensure social distancing, hygiene protocols and even relief for likely asymptomatic cases. ”

Mentioning that he was aware of the concerns of aspiring students, he said, “I urge aspirants to take it as a challenge and show the world their courage and sincerity … to use it as an opportunity to meet the world adapt to new normal and strive for a better future. ”

The JEE (Main) and NEET (Undergraduate) for admission to engineering and medical universities are planned for the first half of September.

While the joint entrance examination (main examination) is scheduled between September 1st and 6th, the national entrance and entrance examination takes place on September 13th.

Tewari added, “A quick alternative to JEE Mains and JEE Advanced will certainly not be as enjoyable as competing fairly for this exam. It could also be used as a precedent to water down the entire admissions process to the IIT system, which could prove detrimental to the quality of basic education at the IITs. ”

At a meeting convened by Congress leader Sonia Gandhi on a number of issues ahead of the monsoons session of Parliament, seven prime ministers of non-BJP states unanimously agreed on Wednesday the need to table a petition for review by the Colonel Court has been asked to reconsider its recent order to refuse the postponement of the competitive tests.


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