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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on September 11, 2020 about the “Conclave on School Education in the 21st Century as part of the National Education Policy 2020”. The conclave was organized by the Ministry of Education as part of the Shiksha Parv, which will be celebrated from September 8th to 25th to congratulate teachers and promote the New Education Policy (NEP).

Teachers should teach in the children’s mother tongue through 5th grade: PM modes

Up to 5th grade, students should be taught in their mother tongue. It is important that students spend more time studying the subject than any language. Students are also taught international languages, including English, but Indian languages ​​are also encouraged, Modi said.

Schools will adapt to new curricula under the NEP by 2022: PM Modi
The new curriculum framework developed as part of the National Education Policy will reduce the curriculum and make learning a fun and complete experience for students. By 2022, our students will have the new curriculum, says PM Modi.

Need to develop critical thinking and creativity among students: PM modes
Teachers should develop critical thinking, creativity and communication skills among students. In the 21st century, students should have these qualities, says PM Modi.

Don’t limit classrooms to the walls: PM modes

It is our responsibility to ensure that education is not just confined to the walls of the classroom, but that education should also be connected to the outside world so that students can explore and learn, says PM Modi.

NEP 2020 with a focus on basic skills: PM Modi
During the conclave, PM Modi said that we are taking steps to strengthen the basic skills to take the journey from “learn to read” to “learn to read”. We should aim for a grade 3 student to read 30-40 words per minute.

NEP 2020 on the development of scientific and mathematical temperament among students: PM Modi
The NEP 2020 defines the importance of developing children’s scientific and mathematical thinking, Modi says

The 2020 TS ECET result will be announced today at 4 p.m.

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