CBSE Improvement Exam 2020: Students taking CBSE Improvement Exams are equal victims of Covid: HC
NEW DELHI: In a great relief for students, the Delhi Supreme Court ruled that the assessment scheme approved by the Supreme Court after the Central Board of Secondary Exams (CBSE) was canceled due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic also apply for the students who showed up for the improvement exams.

“There is no reason why improvement students should be treated any differently than regular students, as the pandemic has also severely disadvantaged them. Accordingly, the Supreme Court-approved assessment scheme is believed to apply to improvement students as well,” a single judge’s bench from Justice Pratibha said M. Singh.

“Such students would also be entitled to use the grades according to the scheme or appear for the optional exam whenever it is held by the CBSE,” the order states.

The order came on a petition from Sanyam Gupta, a student who appeared on the CBSE grade 12 exams February through March 2019 and got 95.25 percent. To improve his score, he fell back a year and decided to reappear on the 2020 improvement exam in Accounting, English Core, Economics and Business Administration.

Although the other exams were taking place, the Business Studies exam scheduled for March 24th was canceled as Covid affected all areas of life and a lockdown was imposed.

While issuing the orders, the court asked the CBSE to provide the student with a corrected grade sheet. “The pandemic has affected everyone. If students were able to appear in a few exams and one of the exams is canceled through no fault of their own, they should be able to average their improvement scores on the improvement test.” according to the CBSE scheme approved by the Supreme Court, “it said.


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