CBSE has announced a cut in the syllabus. Understand in detail what changes have taken place in the 10th syllabus.

🔥 CBSE has announced a curriculum cut. Understand in detail what changes have occurred in the 10th curriculum. | Issues related to science, metal, carbon and electrical currents have been removed, topics related to mathematics, geometry and algebra have also been reduced.


  • A total of 9 texts were removed from the Hindi B curriculum in grade 10, including grammar, verse section, and prose section.
  • Noon, adverb clauses, suggestions, first flight topics will not be read in English grammar in the new session

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July 09, 2020, 6:01 am IST

CBSE has announced a 30% reduction in its curriculum for the new season. For the academic session 2020-21, a reduction of about a third will be made in the 9th to 12th course.

An expert committee of the NCERT and CBSE board drafted the curriculum reductions. This decision was made afterwards. For classes up to the 8th, CBSE has allowed schools to prepare the curriculum themselves.

However, it becomes difficult for many students to understand which topics have been removed from the curriculum. This year, students promoted in the 10th standard can understand here in simple language that they have to read which topics and which not.

Computer Applications – Removes animation related topics

A total of 9 topics were removed, including theory and practice. Topics such as coordinates and conditions, animated images, story, song, spirit of basic scratch, drawing with iteration do not have to be read by the students this year.

This time, English will have no passive voice, no suggestion, and no first flight

In English, four topics were removed from the grammar and five from the literature. In the grammar, the pupils in the new season do not have to read now, adverb clauses, prepositions and first flight topics.

How to tell wild animals, trees from the English literature section. Fog. Mijbil the Otter. Because Anne Gregory has moved. Right there, the midnight visitor. A question of trust, the book that saved Earth’s stories won’t be on the curriculum this time either.

Hindi A – Five poems and four stories will not be on the curriculum this time.

A total of 11 texts from the Hindi A curriculum, including five poems and four stories, have been removed from the new curriculum. The poetry of Giri Rajkumar Mathur – Don’t touch the shadow, Mangesh Dabral’s companion and Jayashankar Prasad’s autobiography will also not be included in the new curriculum.

The story of Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi – refuting the anti-feminine rhetoric Yatindra Mishras – Ibadat was also removed from the food.

Hindi B – poems removed by Rabindranath Thakur and Mahadevi Varma

In class 10, a total of 9 lessons were removed from Hindi B’s curriculum, including grammar, paddha, and gaddha khand. This time the students do not have to read the figure in the grammar. Except for a total of three poems, including Rabindranath Thakur’s poem ‘Atmaatran’ and Mahadevi Verma’s ‘Madhur-Madhur Mere Deepak Jal’, Bihari’s couplets will not be included in the curriculum this time.

Four stories, “Diary of Ek Panna” (Sitaram Seksaria), “The Third Kassam Artisan Shailendra” (Prahlada Agarwal), “Chameleon” (Anton Chekhav), and “Broken Leaves in Autumn” (Ravindra Kelkar) were also removed.

This time, family income and ready-made clothing are not included in the house science

So far, home economics students have also been taught about family income and clothing. These issues have been removed from the curriculum this time.

In addition, the issues of youth problems and consumer education were also removed. A total of four topics were removed from the curriculum for home sciences in the 10th standard.

Mathematics: Geometry and algebra have removed most of the topics

In the 15th curriculum, a total of 15 topics were removed from mathematics. Most topics relate to algebra and geometry. The statement and the simple problem of the cross-multiplication method have been removed from the algebra. At the same time, the construction of the triangle in geometry will not take place this time.

Seven practical and seven theoretical topics are not read in science

Seven theoretical topics have been removed in science. Topics related to the seven experiments will also help students. A topic of internal evaluation is also removed. In this way, a total of 15 topics were removed from the 10th grade science curriculum.

This time, the students theoretically do not have to read metal and non-metal, carbon and its compounds, the human eye and the colorful world, magnetic effects of electric current.

At the same time, attempts to determine the pH value from acids, to produce leaf shells and tests with acetic acid were removed. The internal assessment shows that the subject of natural resource management is not included in the curriculum this time either.

Social science – challenges of democracy, movement, religion, caste and wildlife will not have chapters

In class 10, eight chapters were completely removed from the social science curriculum. These scripts were based on economy, society, globalization, industrialization, water, wildlife, challenges of democracy, religion and caste. Livelihoods, economies and societies are included in the regular test of the chapter. It is also not included in the board exams.


CBSE has reduced the curriculum by up to 30 percent. Find out what changes have been made to the 9th grade curriculum. Bachchan and Dinkar’s compositions have been removed from computer programming language, social science on democratic rights and Hindi.

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