CBSE Board Result 2020 Class 12th Update

🔥 CBSE Board Outcome 2020 Class 12. Update | Check the Central Board of Secondary Education Today at | The fake date came three days ago, then 5% good result two days ago without notice


  • This year, a total of 88.78% of the students passed the 12th exam.
  • The digital sheet of music is made available to students via DigiLocker

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July 13, 2020, 5:00 p.m. IST

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the results of the 12th board on Monday afternoon. This year, a total of 88.78% of the students passed the exam. The CBSE exam was held this time from February 15th to March 30th. However, it was later postponed and later canceled due to a corona lock. This year, a total of 11 lakh 92,000 961 students took the exam, of which 10 lakh passed 59,000 80.

10 important things from the 12th board tests have deteriorated from Corona

  1. The CBSE investigations, which began in the middle of the corona epidemic, were postponed earlier due to worsening conditions and were only canceled after being ordered to do so.
  2. After the exams were terminated, CBSE published the results based on the new assessment scheme to assess the remaining paper.
  3. A fake notification of the result was viralized on social media three days ago. After that, the result was released today without notice.
  4. Given the extraordinary circumstances caused by Corona, this time the board published the result without any earnings list and topper list.
  5. This year’s result was 5.38 percent higher than the previous year. This time, 88.78% of the students passed.
  6. The girls were ahead of the boys again in 2020, and the girls won for the sixth time in a row.
  7. Of the 16 regions approved by the board, South India dominated the top 3 in the percentage list.
  8. This year, 38,686 students achieved more than 95 percent and 1,57,934 students achieved more than 90 percent.
  9. This time Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya was in first place with 98.7% and Kendriya Vidyalaya in second place with 98.62% among the schools recognized by CBSE.
  10. Given the circumstances caused by Corona, this time the students will receive a digital brand sheet that they can download from DigiLocker.

Girls in front of 5.96%

Once again the girls outperformed the boys in the exam. As a result, girls were 5.96% ahead of boys. The percentage of girls passed was 92.15%, while that of boys was 86.19%. Other than that, the percentage of students passing CBSE schools abroad was 94.26%. At the same time, the percentage of passed transgenders who took part in the study was 66.67%.

70 days late result from last year

Last year the results came on May 2nd, but this year the corona comes due to the July closure. Corona postponed exams should be performed between July 1st and July 15th. This time, however, the board was unable to carry out the remaining inspection due to Corona’s suspension. For this reason, the list of earnings lists and toppers is not published.


After the result, the CBSE will start the Post-Result Tele Counseling Service from July 13th to July 27th. 73 advisors will advise the students After the result, CBSE has now started the Tele Counseling Service. By July 27, 73 advisors will advise the students

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