CBSE 30% reduction in course, the topics CBSE removes from syllabus, questions also come in competitive exams

🔥 CBSE 30% course reduction, the topics that CBSE removes from the curriculum, questions also come in selection exams CBSE removes the topics from the curriculum, questions also come in selection exams


  • Remove 22 topics from revised business economics curricula and science and art facilities
  • The CBSE Board announced on Tuesday that the curriculum would be reduced from class 9 to 12 by up to 30 percent.

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July 09, 2020, 18:52 IS

CBSE has recently reduced its curriculum by 30 percent, but until the selection exam curriculum is reduced, students will not get any benefit. Questions about the removed topics will be asked in the selection test. In such a situation, students need to read these topics to prepare for a selection exam. Even if the selection exams are held on time next year, students will have less time to prepare.

Reduced curriculum for the next session

CBSE has reduced the curriculum considering the time of session 2020-21. Experts say the competitive exam curriculum should also be reduced and the same topics removed that CBSE removed. CBSE removed both polymer and chemistry from chemistry in everyday chapters. The want half factor for abnormal college traits has also been removed from the solution.

Delete in science

Zener diode, cyclotron and color coding of carbon resistors have been removed from physics. Biology excluded ecology, environment etc. Inverted trigonometric functions etc. have been removed in mathematics.

They were removed in art

Five of the ten most important topics were removed from tenth and twelfth place in home science. This includes communication skills, nursing and education, etc. Three class X and four class 12 topics have been removed in sociology. A total of eight topics were removed from the 12th geography.

Bookkeeping of bill of exchange removed from trading

Accounting has topics such as bank reconciliation, bill of exchange, etc. A total of 22 topics have been removed from the business administration. These include the GST concept, the export and import trade, the demonization concept etc. A total of ten topics in Economics have been deleted. This includes topics such as legal instruments, money and banking, and the balance of payments.


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