CBSE 10. 12. News Update | cbse board 2020; cbse 10. 12. data sheet, cbse 10. 12. exam starts from July 1st to 15th | In preparation for the CBSE exam remaining; But parents who fear infection said - encourage children

🔥 CBSE 10. 12. News Update | cbse board 2020; cbse 10. 12. data sheet, cbse 10. 12. exam starts from July 1st to 15th | In preparation for the CBSE exam remaining; But parents who fear infection said – encourage children


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  • CBSE 10. 12. News Update | Cbse Board 2020; Cbse 10th 12th datasheet, Cbse 10th 12th exam starts from July 1st to 15th

2 months ago

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  • Ministry and board officials will conduct another review in late June
  • Can be published today, the data sheet for the remaining exams from 10th and 12th.

The Ministry of Personnel has announced that it will declare exam dates 10th (Northeast Delhi only) and 12th. However, due to Corona’s current situation, it is not easy to achieve this. Parents and students’ concerns have increased due to a lack of clarity on the part of the Ministry and the CBSE. He says that there is a risk of infection when you give the paper. So why not take the kids to the next class?

Strictly open schools

FICCI deputy general secretary Shobha Mishra Ghosh said that if the exam is conducted at the testing center, fear of infection will exist. Two things are necessary before the child is sent to school. Activities should also only start at school when the graphic of the transition drops and the schools are open, social distance and hygiene strictly observed. Because most of the school’s infrastructure is such that children’s elbows collide when they sit. Only a third of the children should be brought to school. Teachers must come to school to help with online education.

International Board has canceled exams and will promote children

  • All India Parents Association: National President Ashok Aggarwal said that most parents do not want to send children to school. In such a situation, passing the 10th and 12th exams can be risky. Parents say that children should be encouraged.
  • Delhi Parents Association: Chairman Aparajita Gautam says the number of children determines the future of the 12th. Children say admission requires good numbers in the Best Four subject. However, the parents are afraid to send the children to the testing center. Schools should not be opened until the infection is less common.
  • Without help Rignified private schools: Bharat Arora, general secretary and board member of Mount Abu Public School in Delhi, said the 12th digit determines the future of the children. We are currently preparing for the opening of the school. The exercise begins only when directed by the government.
  • ICSE board: Officials said a letter regarding the exam had already been issued. In the letter published on May 1st, the remaining papers from the 10th and 12th should be ready. It has also been said that such a step is being taken towards the central government.
  • International Abitur (IB): In India, students in these classes were ordered to cancel the 10th and 12th exams as soon as the block begins.

The ministry and board believe the infection will subside

The preparation of the Ministry of Human Resources and CBSE is slightly different. Ministry and Bard officials believe the transition will be shortened until the 10th and 12th exams in July. At the same time, some officials said that students and parents were under stress for the rest of the exam. It is also important that things change quickly in Corona. It can therefore be checked again in the last week of June whether the test is being carried out or not. Officials said that many people also made suggestions to support children from the 10th to the 12th. At the same time, there were suggestions for many 12th grade children that there should be exams so that they could get good grades for admission to good universities. In this regard, Dainik Bhaskar contacted Anita Karwal, secretary of the school education department at the Ministry of Human Resources, but she officially refused to speak.


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