Cancel MPSC exams this year, call on activists
NAVI MUMBAI: Some city activists have asked the state and authorities to cancel the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) this year because of the overall pandemic.

“Nearly 2 Lakh candidates, mainly from the rural part of Maharashtra, travel to the 50 MPSC test centers in cities to take the written MPSC tests. This is rather premature and risky as it can lead to the spread of the coronavirus I have therefore written to the Prime Minister and other government agencies to cancel the MPSC exams this year, “Panvel activist Vishnu Gavali said.

He added: “Last year, university exams like TYBCom were canceled or suspended. So why not the MPSC exams? Many poor young people from rural areas such as Beed, Kolhapur, Latur, Sangli travel to the a few days in advance Exam centers and often try to sleep at bus stops or other public places in cities. Such a scenario has to be avoided in the current times. ”

Another Nerul-based activist, Anarjit Chauhan, comments: “The process of hiring various government departments, such as agriculture, local government, police and revenue, is partly through these MPSC reviews, which are held in 37 districts each year. If the state believes that these trials cannot be avoided, we call on the Maharashtra government to ensure strict social detachment, but many citizens believe that the trials can be further delayed to address public health problems avoid. ”


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