Australian Deakin University Announces 30% In-Country Scholarship
NEW DELHI: Deakin University, Australia, has announced a ‘Deakin In-Country Scholarship’ of 30% for students who enroll for online studies in trimester 3 from November 2020 and trimester 1 from February 2021.

Deakin provides world-class quality and continuity for those seeking international education during the pandemic. Classes on campus are expected to begin in July 2021, according to the latest recommendations from the Australian government. Announcing the scholarship, Professor Iain Martin, Vice Chancellor of Deakin University said, “The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Shaped Dreams and Decisions We understand the uncertainty, economic and safety concerns faced by students and parents. To help students understand theirs To achieve study goals during these challenging times, Deakin has introduced a 30% induction. Country Scholarship for all Indian students who enroll before moving to campus if the situation improves. ”

“Deakin offers students the opportunity to begin their studies online at home via the university’s innovative Cloud Campus. They can then continue and complete their studies in Australia from next year in safer and better conditions,” said Professor Martin. During the pandemic, while some universities are struggling to move from campus to online classes and maintain their standards of education, the transition has been smooth for Deakin.

Professor Martin stated, “We successfully completed our admissions in July 2020, and while our admissions numbers were affected like any other global institution, the transition to full online education was within our means. Deakin University is a pioneer in providing high quality off-campus learning in Australia since its inception in 1974. Digital is in our DNA, with 40 years of distance learning and great quality online learning. “Deakin ranks eighth in the world and first in Australia the first world ranking of universities based on MOOC performance in 2019.

Deakin’s fastest growing campus is on the Cloud Campus, where over 60,000 students study mostly online. Ravneet Pahwa, Deputy Vice President (Global) and CEO (South Asia) of Deakin University, said of the “Online to On-Campus” (O2O) initiative and eligibility to apply for the scholarship: “The courses in the Online to On- Campus The program enables students to achieve their study goals without interruptions or delays. We also have a very good understanding of the demand for certain areas of study for Covid and we offer courses in areas such as data analysis, health, digital communication and public health, health economics, sports, software development and many more. Students can study online instantly and move to campus to graduate in Australia. ”

“Given the current situation and when students study with us online from their home country, the 30% tuition fee waiver is a wonderful opportunity for students to pursue their ambitions. Students are eligible for this scholarship when they reach 70% and above got her twelfth for enrollment in an undergraduate (UG) course and over 55% in her undergraduate degree for enrollment in a postgraduate (PG) course, “said Ms. Pahwa. In terms of facilities, O2O students get access to DeakinSync: a personalized online learning portal where students can interact and collaborate with colleagues to share notes and other resources.

DeakinSync provides high quality audiovisual teaching materials to students, as well as live streams or downloadable courses and seminars. Online learning is never a lonely experience with Deakin. Discussion boards allow you to interact with classmates, develop ideas for workshops, and collaborate on group assignments. The Cloud Campus Facebook group is another place to chat, ask questions, and expand your network.

Deakin’s Study Buddies program is also a great way for Cloud Campus students to connect with others studying similar units. Students can get a free taste of what Deakin has to offer online at Information on O2O can be found at / International-Students / Online for more information. To learn more, write to or call +91 26544768 About Deakin University Founded in 1974, Deakin University successfully combines excellence in teaching, research, and effective partnerships with industry and government to deliver high quality courses and conduct research that makes a difference for the national and international communities they serve.

With internationally recognized quality in research and teaching, Deakin University is currently among the top 1% of universities in the world according to the renowned academic ranking of world universities (ARWU). With over 40 years of experience as a leading provider of higher education in Australia, Deakin has received numerous awards and teaches over 60,000 students each year. Deakin’s activities in South Asia began in New Delhi, India in 1994. This made Deakin one of the first foreign education providers to set up branches in this region. On the ground, Deakin works with government, industry and academia to share its vibrant culture of education and research.


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