Association submits a proposal to the government of Jharkhand to reopen private schools
RANCHI: National President of the Private Schools and Children Welfare Association (PSCWA) Syed Shamael Ahmad, President of Jharkhand Alok Dubey, and all district presidents will attend a virtual meeting to prepare a proposal to reopen schools and submit it to the state government to submit.

According to the PSCWA, they are working hard to prevent the academic loss of students. The association also gets the parents’ opinion in this regard.

Dubey said, “Personally, I believe schools should reopen now, especially senior classes, although junior class students may also have problems. However, I will have a virtual meeting with all of our district presidents soon. After the meeting, I will.” present the result to the government. ”

“The government also thinks the way kids have been home for the past five months. They’ll be left behind if schools don’t open,” Dubey said.

Recently, the State Ministry of Education decided to conduct a survey on the possibilities of reopening schools. Dubey welcomed the move to include parents’ opinions, which is also part of this survey.

However, the association appears to be dissatisfied with the central government and is planning massive agitation. “The central government’s policies on private schools are inappropriate. There are more than 2 Lakh private schools in the country. Of those, over 20,000 are in Jharkhand,” Dubey said.

He said: “There is no aid to private schools in the government’s 20 lakh crore aid package. As a result, private school staff are suffering and schools are about to close. We will soon set the strategy of agitation for the Prime Minister over the Needs of parents and private schools informed. ”


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