Patna-Sep.3,2020-Students after giving JEE exam in Patna. Bihar India on Thursday Sept 3,2020.(Photo by Santosh Kumar/Hindustan Times)

On the fourth day of the JEE main course, the candidates for the B.E and B.Tech courses found the difficulty level of the questions from easy to medium. The JEE main exam began on September 1st with B.Arch and B.Planning papers (paper-2). Today was the third day of the BTech and BE Stream exams. The exam ends on September 6th. The first shift test ended at 12 noon. The exam was conducted following all precautions, including social distancing, use of masks and disinfectants. The temperature of the students was checked before entering the examination room.

The students said the paper was fairly balanced and moderate, if a little tedious compared to previous papers.


25 question (20 MCQ +5 numerically value-based)

The physics paper was moderate and more calculating compared to math. Almost all topics such as electrostatics, mechanics, optics & amp; Moden physics. Integer question types were a bit calculating.


25 question (20 MCQ +5 numerically value-based)

The chemical paper was the same as the last attempt and was easy. It was largely theoretical, with organic chemistry playing a larger role compared to physical and inorganic chemistry. Integer questions were also easy. The chemical paper covered almost the entire curriculum of the NCERT textbook.


25 question (20 MCQ +5 numerically value-based)

The math work was calculating and tedious compared to physics and chemistry. Students couldn’t finish in an hour due to a large number of calculations.

(Ajay Kumar Sharma, National Academic Director (Engineering) of Aakash Educational Services Limited. HT assumes no responsibility for decisions made based on this analysis.)


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