After 4 months, the students approved students for HSC brand sheets
MUMBAI: After four months of being blocked, several municipal universities opened their campuses on Friday so that HSC students could collect their stamp sheets and leave certificates. Although some were concerned about calling students on campus during the pandemic, the process at several institutions went smoothly.

While some colleges plan to distribute the documents over the weekend, many others will call their students in groups in the coming week. While the university did not mandate scanned copies of stamp sheets, universities have received requests from students applying elsewhere for admission.

St. Xavier’s College managed to distribute the branding sheets to almost 80% of the students on Friday. The rest will pick them up on Tuesday, said director Rajendra Shinde. Pupils or parents were called in groups of 20 to 25 people in different time slots. “We had to ask some employees for help to ensure that social distance standards were met,” said Shinde. Soumya Shajan, a science student, said they didn’t have to wait longer than five minutes to collect the documents. “I was also allowed to collect my friend’s trademark sheets after I submitted a photo and an authorization letter.”

At N M College, too, distribution was smoothly in batches. Vidyadhar Joshi, deputy director at Kelkar College in Mulund, said they plan to call the students over eight days from Tuesday. “We have over 1,500 HSC students and there is no other way but to distribute the brand leaflets. There have been requests from students who apply for admission to private universities and from some who apply for admission abroad. However, we have Students asked to apply for their trademark sheets later, “Joshi said. Every day is divided into two groups of 100 students, he said. Student temperatures are checked and masks are mandatory on campus.

KC college students received an email on Friday asking them to fill out a Google form with their personal details and address. The college said in the post that branded papers and certificates of completion will be sent by express mail. Other clients were concerned about document corruption in the mail.

DG Ruparel College plans to call the students on Sunday and Monday, but many have already said they will pick up their documents later, said director Tushar Desai. The college expects only 50% of the students to collect the branded papers.

Ashok Wadia, director of Jai Hind College, said they plan to distribute branded papers next week. The university has repeated that higher education electronic grades can be accepted if there are no physical grades available.


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