IIT Kharagpur. (Mint file)

On charges that IIT Kharagpur authorities cut internet connections in student and academic dormitories in order to be forced to vacate rooms, management said Thursday that they had been urged to leave the house repeatedly since the end of June .

While more than 10,000 students have left campus since the COVID-19 pandemic, about 100 are not vacating their rooms, said registrar Prof. B N Singh.

A source from the institute said that five hostels, which house 65 scientists and several BTech-MTech students, were shut down on September 1 after inmates told authorities they could not leave campus, until the situation normalizes.

One of those students said that the institute’s move was aimed at forcing them to vacate hostels, but they cannot leave campus due to lack of adequate transportation.

“At first they were looking for a little more time because they had no travel options and had made the necessary arrangements. But two months have passed since June. There is no way for campus activities to begin this month, Singh told PTI.

The institute started online courses when the new semester started in September.

“We checked their request earlier because they are our children. However, this cannot be done indefinitely. The director himself had asked her to leave as well. You need to be aware of the pandemic situation, ”said Singh.

He said 12-13 people, including five students who are on campus, tested positive for COVID-19 in less than two weeks.

“We cannot risk the health of our students,” said the registrar.

IIT Kharagpur had asked all students stranded due to lockdown to leave campus by June 30, but some of them stayed there.

The first COVID-19 case was detected at the institute when one of them tested positive on August 19th.

The authorities then asked all students on campus to vacate their rooms by August 23.

When asked about the condition of those infected with the virus, the registrar said, “They were all hospitalized in Calcutta. Some of them have already recovered. ”


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