Academics in NE split over new Edu policies
GUWAHATI: Academics welcomed the National Education Policy (NEP) and described it as a milestone in the transformation of education, even if some questioned the willingness of the state governments to implement the newly formulated policy.

The leading technology institute of the Indian Technology Institute Guwahati (IIT-G) said in a statement to TOI that the new education policy is a milestone for the reform of the country’s entire education sector and would make India a knowledge center.

“In addition to incorporating the ethos of Indian philosophy from the start, the IIT Guwahati has promoted the sustainable development goals it has already included as part of its student curriculum and was the country’s first institute to do so it, ”says the statement.

In addition, the goal of providing 6 percent of GDP for education, the entry of foreign universities into India and the establishment of a National Research Foundation is said to boost the education sector as well as research and development in the country.

The IITG has set up a “Center for Indian Knowledge, Sanskrit and Yoga” that is in line with NEP 2020. IIT-G Director Prof. TG Sitharam, who closely followed the NEP 2020 event, welcomed the NEP2020 and said: “These reforms in education The sector has been long awaited and, if carefully implemented, will likely become a global education and India Do research center. It takes into account changes across the country from inception to professional level and some other key goals of inclusive education. ”

Sanjay Dutta, academic registrar at Cotton University, said that education is now becoming more flexible and that students have access to research before they graduate. “The research component will be present in the four-year class 12 course, and this is a positive step in the NEP,” he said.

He also welcomed the fact that a stronger emphasis on vocational education at school level will add a new dimension to the education sector and that the needy pupils have been given a clear opportunity to start a vocational course from the first few years. “Integrated BEd, which is endorsed in NEP, will help to produce high quality teachers. Now, those who are ready to become school teachers will have to choose their career after school. This will help them improve the quality of good teachers from the earliest Time to acquire years, “said Dutta.

However, some academics criticized the implementation of such drastic changes at once. Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya (USTM), M Haque, said: “NEP suggests changing the administrative and academic structure from A to Z at once. There are massive changes in science, from elementary school to PG to research. This will not be easy to implement. ”

He said that in a diverse region like the Northeast, responding to the multilingual needs of students without rationalizing the language problem would be a major challenge.

“There must be an adequate implementation mechanism in relation to the administrative pattern. The framework for implementing NEP at the base level is lacking, otherwise it would have led to a very good result,” added Haque. He said that without improving the infrastructure, it would be difficult to transform the scenario in the state schools that are lagging far behind, especially in the northeast.

Well-known academic Dinesh Baishya said: “The government equates public and private institutions with equal rights, which means commercializing the entire education system. The modular education system will increase dropout rates, as many poor and medium-sized students complete their formal education with a certificate before they graduate. ”

He criticized the decision to open Indian education to foreign universities. “NEP is a major threat to marginalized students who cannot seek expensive education. Regions like NE where the education system has not yet developed will be worst affected,” said Baishya.


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