Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia

Delhi Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia said Monday a law should be passed requiring six percent of GDP to be spent on education.

Sisodia, who attended a video conference of governors, governors and ministers of education from different states, noted the need to put national education policies into practice rather than just restricting them to “wishful thinking”.

President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attended the conference.

“The new national education policy lacks an action plan to implement it. The implementation of this policy should be carefully planned so that it is not confined to just one wonderful idea. Even after 73 years of independence, we hide the shortcomings of our governments by blaming Macaulay, ”he said.

“In 1968 and 1986 a new education policy was formulated. Macaulay is used as an excuse to hide the errors in the implementation of these guidelines. Macaulay hasn’t stopped us from implementing our own education policies since independence, ”he said.

Sisodia said national education policies speak of vocational training and that about 80 percent of young people with a degree are inactive.

“That needs our attention. If our students are still unable to work after 20 years of training, what is the fault? It is inappropriate to treat a professional qualification differently than a bachelor’s degree in any other subject. The same importance should be attached to these courses, then only we can take advantage of them, ”said Sisodia.

In politics it is said to spend 6 percent of GDP on education and it is necessary to put national education policy into practice.

“This policy is about spending 6 percent of GDP on education. It was also said in politics of 1968 but never implemented. Law should be passed so that successive governments are bound by it and can guarantee the resources necessary to implement the policy effectively, ”he said. (ANI)


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