5 reasons why you should have a degree in humanities
Liberal Arts, the name of this course may seem new to many as it stands out from the traditional final courses.

You may be wondering what a degree in humanities can offer. As mentioned above, this is a non-traditional graduation course that allows students to explore different options for their future and make them well equipped for any career. The program focuses on developing the candidate’s all-round personality and life skills.

Liberal Arts is a type of program that promotes the balance between the left and right brain. Learning this program challenges learners at every step and trains them to develop and improve their problem-solving skills.

Here are five reasons why you should have a humanities degree

Acquire a wide range of skills

A wide range of skills will surely benefit you in your future career. You acquire both critical and creative thinking skills by completing a Liberal Arts course. You will also start to analyze a problem from different perspectives. In addition, this course greatly improves your oral and written communication skills and prepares you to be an effective communicator.

Address employers

Employers prefer graduates with skills that enable them to bring innovative ideas to the workplace. Courses like Liberal Arts offer students a well-rounded background. According to a survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 93% of employers believe that “a candidate’s proven ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their major”.

Follow your passion

Participation in a variety of courses, not just in your subject, can help you choose the course you want. This can pave the way to new hobbies, learn new ideas or even change the area of ​​your studies as a whole. A liberal arts course has the potential to help you find your true passions and may even change your decision for your future career.

Large selection to choose from

Universities like BU (Bennett University) offer students the opportunity to choose a major from their ten areas – psychology, philosophy, business administration, marketing, journalism, advertising and public relations, economics, political science, English literature and finance. Choosing a major in finance, business administration or marketing makes the Liberal Arts program of the BU unique. BU is the only university in India to offer these three major subjects for its Liberal Arts program.

Exposure to different areas

Acquiring knowledge on various topics will not only help you improve your skills, but also improve your thinking. Training in the field of liberal arts paves the way for a multitude of cultures and different perspectives and enables educational opportunities that cannot be achieved by commercial or technical schools. The Liberal Arts program in BU provides access to various areas such as advertising, public relations, financial analysis, design, journalism, publishing, corporate communication, marketing, etc.


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