400 more MBBS places in Tamil Nadu
CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu will have at least 400 more MBBS seats on his seat matrix for medical admission in 2020. The Medical Council of India has increased 250 seats in existing medical schools – state and private – and allowed a new self-funding college to start UG’s medical program in 2021.

The state-owned Kanyakumari Medical College and Hospital were allowed to add 50 more MBBS seats to the existing 100 seats, said director of medical education, Dr. R. Narayanababu. The medical college in Asaripallam, Nagercoil, started in 2004 with 100 seats. In 2016 the university started medical postgraduate courses. “The state’s policy is to open new medical facilities in each district and increase the number of seats in all existing medical schools to 250. In addition to training doctors, these schools will act as tertiary health facilities,” he said.

The Panimalar Medical College Hospital and the Research Institute, a self-funding medical college run by Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, may start an MBBS course with 150 places this year. The MCI website also displays 100 additional seats at Meenakshi Medical College Hospital and Research Institute and Saveetha Medical College in Kancheepuram.

According to official figures, at least three other new private medical universities have applied for MCI approval. “If they get permission, they’ll add another 450 seats,” said a senior official. “As of now, these colleges have been asked to make some corrections and apply again.”

Earlier this week, Health Minister C Vijayabaskar said the state was waiting for MCI officials to inspect the campus of 11 new medical schools the state was allowed to open. In August, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the establishment of 75 state medical schools across the country by 2021/22.

The center also offered to partially fund the project because it wanted to increase the number of medical schools in the country. Tamil Nadu, which currently has 24 medical schools, was given permission to establish 11 medical schools, each with 150 seats.

“We will have 1,650 MBBS seats by the next academic year,” he said.


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