40 students with Covid-19 under 1.94 lakh write CET in Karnataka
BENGALURU: Up to 40 students who tested positive for coronavirus were among the 1.94-lakh students who took the Karnataka Common Entrance Test, which started on Thursday, said Deputy Prime Minister Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan.

The government of Karnataka followed the SSLC and pre-university exams of the Department of Public Instruction and decided to continue with CET for PUC students.

The two-day exams on Thursday and Friday will take place at the 497 centers in Karnataka, said the deputy prime minister, who has the university portfolio, after visiting some exam centers.

He also said that of the 1.94 lakh students enrolled for the test, 40,200 appear in 83 centers in Bengaluru.

He said 40 students taking the exam were infected with the corona virus, including 12 in Bengaluru.

“Extensive precautions have been taken to ensure that those infected with COVID-19 appear for testing. They were taken to the testing centers and returned to their respective places in the department’s ambulance,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Separate seating arrangements have been made for these students.

The use of masks and disinfectants has been prescribed as a precaution.

In order to maintain social distance, a maximum of 24 students are allowed in an examination room, he said.

“We adhere to the High Court guidelines. Masks, disinfectants, and social distance are mandatory for students. There are no shortcomings in government agreements. Students are welcome to appear for the exam,” he added.

He also said that this year, seat allocation advice will be entirely online.

In the meantime, a supervisor in personal protective equipment appeared at the Government Dental College in Ballari, who covered himself completely.

Five students infected with COVID who showed up for the exam were satisfied with the precautions taken in college.


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