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234 Universities for exams in August Universities for exams in August-September

According to the University Grants Commission (UGC), over 180 universities have taken exams, with another 234 planning to hold them online in August and September. UGC, the regulator for higher education, wrote to 640 universities to inquire about the status of exams after it issued guidelines on how to conduct them on July 6. The guidelines made it mandatory to hold exams for students of the last academic year.

On July 6, UGC asked universities and colleges to hold their final year or semester exams by September 30. The instruction came when the Union Interior Ministry approved the execution of these tests.

The exams can be conducted either online or offline (pen and paper) or a combination of both. For students other than those in the past year, universities and colleges can choose their own examination method to end the academic session. Colleges and universities have been closed since March 16 because of the Covid 19 pandemic in the country.

Over 450 wrote to UGC that they either had the exams or planned to do so. According to UGC data, which HT accesses, 182 universities have taken exams either online or offline, while 234 others have scheduled them over the next two months. Around 30 universities are waiting for instructions from their legal advisors before holding the exams.
According to the supervisory authority, 177 universities still have to accept a final call to conduct the tests. At 27 private universities founded in 2019-20, they have no students in the last year and do not have to take the exams.

CBSE 10. Students can request a grade review of the result by July 24 and know all the important information about this process. Children who are dissatisfied with Marx request a re-evaluation by July 24 and August 11

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Delhi University has published the data sheet for the final exams as part of the Open Book exam. Between August 10 and August 31, 25 final courses will be held. This time, students who cannot take an exam are given another chance.

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